Breath is life. I have been working with the breath through yoga and singing for many years, but it wasn't until I had my first Transformational Breath session that I understood just what it means to really BREATHE - fully!

Transformational Breath is a form of integrative breathwork developed by Judith Kravitz. The aim is to get you to experience the full potential of your breath using connected breathing, toning, hands-on facilitation and movement. This way of working with the breath facilitates change on several levels... Physically, we open up the mechanics of the breath, addressing any long-held tension. This helps us to release emotional patterns stored in our bodies as well as creating an altered state of consciousness through which deeper experiences of integration can arise.

All breath sessions are currently held online - and yet this can still be a powerful way to meet your breath. We begin with a short coaching session before guiding you through a 45 minute breath journey.

Investment is £80 for 1.5 hours - please get in touch for concession and donation prices.
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What is Transformational Breath? Visit the Transformational Breath Foundation to learn about this amazing technique.

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