'Lena is inspiring, open, honest and grounded. She has a wisdom beyond her years, a beautiful voice both in song and in yoga guidance. She has a calming yet playful energy and helps us all to believe that anything is possible.'
- Camilla Wells

'Lena is a naturally gifted singer songwriter. Experiencing her perform is very immersive... Hauntingly beautiful voice & lyrics that journey in to the heart.

I would highly recommend Lena’s Yoga classes. She is a dedicated teacher & has a presence of grace & serenity which inspires a feeling of safety & trust. I attended regular Rocket & Yin classes for 2 years at her beautiful studio in Brighton & felt a renewed sense of joy snd connection to the practice. Yin classes with Lena are deeply healing and transformative. Lena is empathetic, accepting, kind & supportive.'

- Denise Chilton

'Lena is incredibly patient and understands the importance of recognising where you are now in your practice rather than where you think you should be, which is perfect for anyone who is new to yoga. I would absolutely recommend Lena if you're looking for the kind of teacher who embodies yoga both in practice and spirit.'
- Yolanda van Es

'Lena is an amazing yoga teacher and wise woman, soul guide, with immense knowledge, talents and experience. I first stepped into the yoga studio not long after it opened and stayed there for the next two years. More or less every day. That was the power of the place. All created by amazing Lena and her extraordinary energy and dedication.
She is a great teacher, with subtle yet powerful presence. Wonderful teaching and clear and connected support. She has created a space in the community, a space for learning, developing, exploring, being together.
I have a lot of respect and love and I can wholeheartedly recommend everything she does. Generous beyond expectations, kind and knowledgeable, there are no limits to her talents. Always sharing her gifts with us. Thank you Lena for the wonderful breath sessions and all the sharing you did, every single time. May you be rewarded and loved as you deserve.'

- Catalina Spector

'I first experienced Transformational Breath with Lena as guide during yoga teacher training. I'm a practised yoga practitioner, swimmer and performer. Consequently I’ve had a lot of experience working with the breath. Over the years, I've come to appreciate just how vital breath work is, not only for my work but also for my wellbeing. Transformational Breath is an extraordinary practice, unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Dynamic & physical, it works on many different levels: I've felt my breath as a light, unblocking trapped and stagnant energy; I’ve been profoundly joyful, as if floating, immersed in fantastical visions and I’ve roared out some locked-in emotions. I’ve noticed palpable shifts occur within the internal physical space of my body. I’ve been able, with Lena’s expert guidance, to locate emotional and visceral knots. Each time, I’ve been enlivened and made more free, inspired by the transformational experience of our sessions and I’ve felt cleared, energised and grounded afterwards. With Lena I feel safely supported to explore this lovely practice, without fear.'

- Sarah Cameron

'Not only was Lena incredibly knowledgeable and proficient, she was also kind, open-hearted, fun, and did everything with a true and honest love. She truly lives what she teaches and really is inspiring to be around.'
- Shyara Cheesmur

'Lena is warm-hearted and knowledgeable. During the [200hr yoga] training I was encouraged to find my authentic self and connect to the knowledge from my heart, giving me the foundation to embrace who I am as a facilitator and in my own practice.'

- Itzi Castaño

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